These careful clippings

These careful clippings are the work of my grandmother. From newspapers, magazines, advertisements, she gathered them and folded them into a large yellow envelope kept inside her desk.  On the envelope is a single column of handwritten Chinese characters: "art reference materials for Haohao". (Haohao is my nickname in Chinese.) Sadly, it is very hard for me to read the articles. My Chinese reading skills are fairly low, having lived in the U.S. from the age of 5. At least images have no language barrier and I am able to look at all she wanted to show me. 

In the middle right of this photo, you can see that two of the images are the same. I think they are advertisements that ran in the paper for a collection of painted plates, but the dates on the papers are different. Perhaps the image caught my grandmother's eye on one day, slipped her mind, and caught her eye again in the same newspaper a week or so later as if it were meeting her for the first time. She turned 90 last fall so her mind is understandably foggy every now and then, but both times she thought of her granddaughter and diligently stored them away.