2 Happy Things!

The first happy thing that happened:

Last Saturday (Feb. 28th) was the Imagine Show held at the Texas State University campus in Round Rock, TX. That evening there was a slight fog, drizzle, wet roads, cold temperatures. I'm very scared of driving and I almost didn't go due to my fear of the roads. My mom kept me company though so that I wouldn't freak out. When we arrived at the building, we entered through the wrong entrance and were mistaken for performers (heh). I finally located my two paintings towards the very end of a side wing. At that point, I knew I didn't have a chance at winning. I mean, I KNEW I didn't have a chance at winning. I was talking to my mom about how great everyone else's art is while results were being announced. But then...I won 1st place in the 2D category for my self-portrait!

Judge Dan Sutherland's comments: I was impressed with this work for its focus on the small but personally significant gesture of cutting ones hair. Hair, which is so often tied to beauty, gender roles and tradition, can represent years of dutiful maintenance. The attention to the trembling but determined hand bearing scissors is an interesting focus.


The second happy thing that happened:

My painting A Small Space for Warmth was featured as a Daily Deviation on DeviantArt on Tuesday, Mar. 3rd! That was the evening I started feeling sick so I was completely unaware for a few days until earlier today when I visited DeviantArt and found a string of comments and notifications. Thank you to EuphoniousCacophony for suggesting my art for consideration and Agaave for choosing to feature it!

They wrote: A Small Space of Warmth is a beautifully painted, peaceful scene, where snow glimmers in iridescent hues and trees have fascinating shapes. Icy environment combined with the concept of warm nest under the snow creates an enchanting contrast between cold and warm and makes the scene absorbing. 

HERE is the Daily Deviation page from Tue. 3/3/15. 

The truth is, I've been really down recently due to some things going on in my private life so the timing for these two happy things couldn't have come at a more helpful time to cheer me up and cheer me on.