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ART IN PROGRESS - "The Antique Shop", in progress @ 24 hours

Why has this painting been so fun?!? With many paintings I hit a wall at some point and encounter a stretch of time when I just don't want to work on it. I haven't felt like that at all with this piece. In fact, I'm more and more eager to paint it. EVERY day if possible. (It's not possible.) My mom said to me the other day, "What's so special about that? Why would you want to paint that?" She's in favor of me switching to topics that are proven to sell well in Texas (i.e. cowboys, horses, etc.) But "sellability" is secondary to me right now. I just want to paint whatever strikes my fancy. Usually my choices of subject matter are targeting things I've been wanting to test my abilities on such as how to do the subtle shifts in white in a snow scene or finding out what my take on a self-portrait would look like. On this piece, I mainly wanted to practice high key painting and also tackle the huge number of objects. 

"The Antique Shop", in progress @ 24 hours, 22x28in., oil on canvas

"The Antique Shop", in progress @ 24 hours, 22x28in., oil on canvas

Here is a peek at a few other things on my mental list of what I want to try to paint (aka my painting bucket list):

  • something that has very muted colors (I tend to go vibrant)
  • something that is on a very extra long thin canvas because coming up with the composition and subject matter would be challenging
  • something that uses gold leaf (at least once in my life!)